Will Sony SmartWatch 2 Catch Consumer’s Interest This Time?

Wayne Bond September 8, 2013 0

It’s too bad for Samsung this time because Sony has revealed its latest version of the SmartWatch. Samsung was just a few hours late when it announced its new Samsung Galaxy Gear. All of these announcements were done during the IFA launch in Berlin this second week of September 2013.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is the third version of the company’s flagship in releasing Android powered watches that will help the smartphones in making its consumers’ lives a lot easier. Just like any other watch gear, it will work with the smartphone with the use of Bluetooth connectivity.

It will notify the user of all of the notifications from any social media platform and will alert the user of the reminders and tasks saved on the phone. It will also notify whenever a call or message comes in. However, it will not allow you to answer talk to the person on the other hand on your wrist. It’s not like the one designed by Apple which appears to be more convenient once it’s released in the market.

Will Sony SmartWatch 2 Catch Consumer’s Interest This Time 2

Basically, the SmartWatch will only act as a mirror or a display screen of whatever is happening on your smartphone. Still, you will do everything else on your smartphone. It will take away the hassle of pulling your smartphone out of your pocket. It will also show the name of the caller and the sender of the message on the display screen.

The previous SmartWatch version didn’t have a good screen display. The images and logos seem to disappear under the sunlight. However, Sony promised that the problem has been solved and that the SmartWatch 2 has a better screen display for the users to enjoy. You will not worry about reading your notifications whenever you’re outside of your office or of your house.

It has the basic buttons on the screen like the Home, Menu and Back Buttons. It’s a small-sized screen, but appears to be bigger for a size of a normal watch. Some people may find it too bulky and most women might not want to wear a SmartWatch as huge as this.

Aside from that, it’s a waterproof device. It can stay in the water for at least thirty minutes within one meter. Finally, we’re glad to have a watch gear that can resist the harm that water can do to any gadget. There are no reports yet as to when we will be able to see it in stores. But, we’re pretty sure that it’ll come out before 2013 ends.