No Cyber Monday Deals for Google Nexus 7 as Tablet Is Already at Low Price

Frank Taylor November 26, 2012 0

Cyber Monday shall see no deals for Google Nexus 7 this year. Google has confirmed that the tablet has been already at a very low price and there shall be no more discounting to do for the famous Android tablet.  Unlike the other products of the same line, this means that retail partners will not be selling Nexus 7 at discounted prices as part of their Cyber Monday promotional deal. Generally, Cyber Monday is mostly known as the year’s profitable day for any company with interest usually focused in technology sales, hence, this can be a big benefit to the competition.

No Cyber Monday Deals for Google Nexus 7 as Tablet Is Already at Low Price

Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD

Google’s tablet is undoubtedly the top of its field with regards to features. It is also competing in a tough battle with a number of brands. The Kindle Fire HD of Amazon is seen as the most successful Android item which Google has not managed to remove so far. Despite the offering of slight differences in terms of longer battery life and better speed, the Nexus 7 is not able to beat the Amazon integration and sound quality of Kindle Fire HD. While Google Play Store has a superior choice of apps, Amazon does better by putting the user in touch with anything they might need to facilitate buys.

Tablet Competition

Without Cyber Monday deals for Google Nexus 7 does not mean that it loses the chance to compete with the other big names in the field of computer tablets. The major profits of tablet use come from the sales of apps and media. Also, with more and more people now using Android devices than their iOS competitors, Apple may lose some of its cash flow.