Facebook discontinues its e-mail service that never really caught on

Alex Bezeau February 27, 2014 1

Without any prior notice, Facebook is suddenly retiring their email services from the social networking site. They have even started notifying the users that all the further emails, which will be send to a user’s official Facebook email ID will soon to be forwarded to their personal email account.

Facebook users have the ability to turn off the forwarding option, if they do not want the facility. This service is however turned on by default. It has also been stated that the Facebook users who do not have any primary email addresses are not going to receive any forwarded messages. However, it’s pretty likely that they are not missing out on any anything.


According to an official statement from Facebook, “We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook e-mail address, and we can focus on improving our mobile messaging experience for everyone.” It is even confirmed that the email services are retiring from the Facebook chapter on a permanent basis.

Facebook started the email services in November, 2010. At that point of time, the main aim of the social networking giant was to provide an alternate inbox to the users, so that the users could receive and send messages and emails there. Later, the company admits that this service never really caught the attention of its users.

A little history

This email service was never a great hit, as Facebook did not create a dedicated platform for sending or receiving emails. Facebook is perceived to be more fun and primarily useful for chatting. On the other hand, the email services on Facebook never supported some primary features of an email service, such as subject lines, cc’s and bcc’s services, which are common for sending an email. To top it all, the email feature was never updated to come up with the latest trend of email marketing.

Final result

Then, later in the year 2012, Facebook suddenly highlighted the @facebook.com email addresses on profiles by default and stared hiding other email addresses. However, as we all know now, the outcome was never favorable for Facebook nor for its vast user base.

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  • JoeJerRonimo

    Perhaps because using @facebook.com email looks like something a 10 year old kid would use for an email address!! And we thought @aol.com was embarrassing enough!!