Nowadays the mobile phone is designed to make its Mobile 4k videos to be screened on the TVs through USB 3.1 and MHL. To make it possible the USB ports are upgraded to Type C connectors to stream the videos from mobile device  on the ultra high definition TVs. Type C USB connectors are also meant to support Mobile High Definition Link (MHL).

Features of USB 3.1 and MHL

USB 3.1 and MHL 2Coming to its features, USB 3.1 with its advanced protocol helps in faster charging and transferring of data much faster than usual. It is found to have the most interesting feature that is User-friendly.And it has the connector Type c which has the side same as the other which in turn makes the users not to care about the orientation of plugs.

Next one is Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) is the support to the USB in short. It needs to be connected to the HDMI port of the TV to it by its MHL connectors from the USB connectors. And in some model TVs, the MHV provision is just readily available as like the port HDMI.MHL, need a cable to convert the signals to get screened on the TVs.  This is one of the best feature of it. You will love these features anytime.

USB3.1 and MHL application areas

It is found to be available in 650 million devices over the past years. It is also used on TVs along with remote for gaming purposes. USB 3.1 with its faster data transmission speed of 10Gbps drives the data of Mobile to the external storage. The installation has the demands like bandwidth and also implementation of screens and cameras of higher resolution to make it a success. Hence it is possible to have mobile 4K video on the TVs through USB 3.1 and MHL.

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