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It will take time for Sony to release Sony PS5 gaming console respectively. But it will definitely be splendid and state of the art product like its predecessors like PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. Already PS4 is gaining popularity and the advent of PlayStation Now for PS4 was happily welcomed as it allows users to stream rented games online.

Expectations and Features about Sony PS5 by the experts

sony ps5The rumored expected release date for Sony PS5 is 2020 respectively. The way the internet is getting evolved and the way there is an increase in demand for online content, the future lies in the Cloud storage.The reason being that Cloud requires minimal hardware and huge amounts of virtual storage capabilities.

Thus, Sony PS5 could be built keeping Cloud in mind and the gaming world would adapt accordingly. It will probably resemble PlayStation TV and would be lightweight and slim for sure. Moreover, it could be a handheld device and have enough potential to manage download as well. So, in the four to five years from now, it seems that Sony PS5 will be some sort of a hybrid having the design like that of a conventional console. It will certainly be a plastic box which could easily be hooked up to a monitor or a TV screen and built with greater streaming capabilities too.

Virtual Reality and Sony PS5 console

The virtual reality concept is still not much developed and by the time Sony launches the PS5, it will be more in mainstream and common as well. Therefore, Sony PS5 can either be a built-in capability device or a peripheral virtual reality accessory.

The gaming community can truly await a fascinating and promising future of PS5 indeed. The PS5 is already being discussed and speculated at length and there is no doubt its expected design and capability.

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