The sixth day of December 2012, was a moment to rejoice. Nintendo, gaming console- manufacturing giant, has publicly and officially declared the sale of 400,000 units of the new console launched by Nintendo, Nintendo WII U.

Sale of this product and its commercial launch took place only a mere week ago,  the 29th of November 2012. Sales have taken place in huge numbers throughout the country. Stores have been thronged with customers having but one demand, Nintendo WII U.

Nintendo has incorporated certain modifications to their widely preferred gaming consoles in various sectors and created a people’s favorite! Stores throughout UK have put up their ‘sold out’ signs in droves. Online stores have run out of stock. Nintendo American President Reggie Fila-Aime delivered these tidings, claiming that 400,000 units were sold within the week.

The widespread success of this product is bound to keep the competitors on their toes, now that Nintendo has seized the market for themselves.

This launch has taken place a long six years after the initial introduction of the original WII back in 2006. Nintendo has efficiently maintained high quality and added innovative enhancements to their products with every new launch.

The new Nintendo WII U boasts the superior 6.2 inch LCD screen along  that contain trademark Nintendo characteristics. This perhaps explains the widespread demand generated from the very first day of its launch in UK markets.

The Nintendo WII U starts at a reasonable price of $299.99 for  the basic model. A deluxe set of the same is available at a slightly higher $349.99. It is predicted that Nintendo will send a massive 3.5 million units by the end of the year and another 2 million a short while later.

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  • Chris C

    There were no records broken…but hey, way to get people to click on your article with a lie.

  • Anon Rickroll

    Only 40,000 LastGen U’s were sold in the UK LMAO!

    So much for “record-breaking” sales HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Let’s wait for the REAL Next Generation consoles to obliterate the Dreamcast U!

  • Guest

    Ok. Wait 2-3 years and shell out your $600+ for a new machine that is rumored to be hitting around 2014 or 2015 from Sony. My prediction is it loses to the NextBox and Wii U… again!

  • joewat

    You mean a good PC, not that crap you hook to a TV. HAHAHAHA, you talk crap on another system and I will talk crap on your ‘console’ rubbish…

  • Sage_Z

    Ha! For the last 3 console generations, the weakest system has ALWAYS sold the most. Eat it fankidz, your PS4 and 720 most likely won’t win anything, especially launching at prices $600+, and assuming they come out anytime soon.

    • joewat

      The more and more that console systems become like PCs the more and more that PCs will dominate, perhaps not in hardware sells, but in actual hardware strength. I still have my old 2007 pc with a gtx 260 and dual core that can dominate any PS3 or Xbox360 in the graphics department (Battlefield 3 looks much better on even an older PC than it does consoles). Especially when Sony and Microsoft are going to be coming out with high priced systems to reflect the strength of their hardware, I mean a gtx 680 card is almost 600$ right now, no way in hell will either of the new updated systems have that kind of strength, even as the 600 series becomes cheaper when they compile their hardware.

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