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HP is going to launch its HP Windows 10 smart phone in the year 2016

If you look at the background of HP, it is famous for printers, scanners and camera. Most of the people know that HP is the pioneer in printing industry. It introduced world class printers for mass people in the world. The full name of HP is Hewlett Packard. It is a California based industry which serves a lot to us.

What is the comments of HP CEO?

A few days ago, The CEO of HP announced to press that they will introduce HP windows 10 smart phones in 2016. It is a great news for HP lovers. People of the allover the world are waiting for the launching ceremony of HP Windows 10 mobile phones. HP hopes that they will be able to launch their first smart phones at the early of 2016. HP prepared a lot to launch its first smart phones in allover the world. It is a great news in the world of smart phone.


According to the secret news of “”, Hewlett Packard will launch “HP Falcon” flagship in mobile world congress 2016. This mobile summit will be held on Bercelona, Spain in February 22-25. Many mobile users and lovers will attend the mobile summit.

Features of new HP Windows 10 smart phone

According to the report of HP, the new HP Windows 10 mobile phone HP Falcon is powered by the chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. This mobile has a large display. It is rumoured that the display to be 5.8 inches. There will be 2GB RAM. We already know that there are various types of mobile brands in the world market. It is difficult for us to find out the most efficient phone for our daily use. If you look for a brand and quality, then you should think about it.

Front view of the HP phone
Front view of the HP Windows 10 smart phone


Nowadays, battery backup is a great problem for mobile users. HP solved this problem. They will attach high quality polymer battery with Falcon. HP hopes that they will be able to attract young generation.


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