iPhone 7 no headphone jack
Apple will do away with the headphone jack on its latest device.

The Apple iPhone 7 is launching later this year and there are all kinds of rumors about the latest yet-to-come iPhone. The latest one however is that the state of the art device will not come with the traditional headphone jack. An article published in The Wall Street Journal claimed. The article cited people who were familiar with the matter as the source of the rumor.

Thinner iPhone 7
The giant tech company is looking to create a thinner version of the iPhone

It’s rumored that the iPhone’s lightning connector will double up as both a charging port and headphone connector. According to the article on WSJ, iPhone lovers should expect a thinner iphone 7 and better water resistance. One Jeff Orr (senior practice director at ABI Research) talked to TechNewsWorld and agreed that a headphone jack-less iPhone could not have come at a better time.

“It comes at a time when Apple needs to demonstrate it’s still an innovator, unlike the competition where there’s a lot of iterations on devices. I was hoping to see an audio solution, and part of that was the idea of removing the headphone jack.” He said.

It’s also rumored that the iPhone 7 might have a restyled antenna and might possibly be dark blue instead of the usual gray. The phone might also come with a dual-camera sensor—the very first for an iPhone. It will also come with 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB as storage options rather than the usual 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB of storage available for the company’s flagships for a while.

iPhone 7 design impact on consumers and manufacturers

iPhone 7 dark blue
There have been rumors that the Apple iPhone 7 will not have the headphone jack and will come in a dark blue design color.

What does a headphone jack-less iPhone mean for the folks who are waiting for it? Mr. Orr suggested that the move was an opportunity for Apple to leverage its assets. He said it was an opportunity for Apple “to tie together all its audio experiences.” These include its Beats headphones, Apple Music , services, content and content delivery systems.

However, for the consumers it could mean something totally different. While the tech world is moving more towards wireless headphones, some consumers are still die-hards for the traditional ones. Some consumers might weigh their options when it comes to having to charge their wireless headphones every now and then.

For headphones manufacturers, it means wireless is the way to go. It might not be an all-round nod from manufacturers because some have stuck with the traditional pieces. The move however, will certainly please tech savvy millennials who are a majority of Apple’s fan base. The iPhone 7 design will give Apple a chance to once more be an innovator. The move also means the new phone will be water resistant and catch up with the Samsung Galaxy 7 in that perspective.

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