Majority of the devices recalled have their batteries overheating and some even exploding in the process.

More than half a million hoverboards have been recalled by the U.S regulators. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced last week on Wednesday that the devices were not safe. The commission specified that they had to recall the motorized, self balancing scooters and not the levitating Marty McFly’s Back to the Future hoverboard. The self balancing scooters contain lithium ion batteries that can overheat and explode said the commission.

The United States agency has recalled over 500 thousand self balancing scooters due to safety.

The agency noted that there were damage and injury cases being reported. It said there had already been 99 cases received. Many complained about the battery problems while others complained about burn injuries and property damage.

“Consumers should immediately stop using these recalled products and contact the recalling company to return their hoverboard for a full refund, a free repair or a free replacement depending on the model,” the agency said.

Hoverboards recall affects several manufacturers

The recall clearly seems to be bad for business for most hoverboard manufacturers. However, none of these manufacturers will have bad business than the Indiana-based Swagway. More than half of the recalled units are from Swagway.

Swagway however noted that the recall only affects the previous version of their X1 hoverboards. Consumers who have been affected have the options of either getting their units upgraded with new battery units that are resistant to overheating or get $200 credit to purchase Swagway’s new hoverboard models.

“Consumer safety remains Swagway’s number one priority,” the company said in a news release.

We all recall how hoverboards were hot-ticket items at least last summer. Literally everyone wanted to be seen riding a self balancing scooter. However, there have been so many cases of people being injured trying to ride the fancy gadgets. There have also been increased cases of the battery overheating leading to explosions. A perfect example is the Nashville incident where a fire started by a hoverboard burned down a home endangering two children’s lives. This has somewhat dampened their popularity.

According to the Washington Post, major airlines banned hoverboards from flights citing the fire risks. Several retailers including Overstock and Amazon (which were also affected by the recall) have also stopped stocking some hoverboard models.

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