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The Associated Press has reported that the United States government is winning the war against ISIS on social media.

The United States government has been hard at work trying to combat the Islamic State’s presence on social media. So far, so good. The government’s efforts seem to be bearing immense fruits. According to the Associated Press, more anti-ISIS than pro-ISIS content is dominating on the internet by a ratio of six to one.


United States
The war against ISIS on social media could be taking a turn for the better.

The report claims that the statistics for ISIS on social media has been plunging at a hefty rate. The organization’s Twitter traffic has gone down by 45 percent compared to what it was two years ago. The report also confirms that the average number of followers for an ISIS affiliated account has dropped to a meager 300 compared to 1,500 back in 2014.

The United States government seems to have deployed a perfect strategy to silence the terror group on social media. ISIS has been using social media to recruit new blood and disseminate its doctrine. Taking away this strategy is a huge step towards limiting the group’s terror activities against the West. It’s also a huge step towards stopping them taking their terrorist attacks to the rest of the world.

United States Government trying hard to stop ISIS

United Staes
The U.S government has made significant progress in fighting the Islamic State on social media.

The United States government had earlier employed a strategy to try and lure away the organization’s followers. According to Laith Alkhouri, who is the director of Middle East and North Africa research at Flashpoint, this strategy did not work.
The U.S had employed the Think Again Turn Away program in an effort to try and lure away potential recruits. The strategy involved showing videos of ISIS performing atrocious acts. However, apparently showing potential recruits horrifying images of beheadings and mass shooting had no desired effect or results for that matter.
“ISIS has never tried to hide what it is,” Alkhouri said to TechNewsWorld. “It isn’t shy about admitting that it beheads people, that it kills people, so that campaign was pretty much ineffective.”
The United States government decided on another program to combat ISIS’s prowess on the internet. This time the campaign centered on a series of defectors to replace the Turn Away Campaign. However, according to Alkhouri, this campaign lacked a measure of efficiency. There was no way to tell if it was really working and deterring people from joining ISIS.
In the latest version of kick ISIS out of the internet and the world, the State Department is attempting to address the measurement issues. This latest program is run by the Global Engagement Center. The United States government through the Obama administration is trying so hard to keep ISIS quiet. If they can win against them on the Net, then there’s definitely hope to completely get rid of the group.

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