HP earlier decided to make it an early Christmas for its UK customers. The company made an error in pricing for some of its products on the UK website. The company had to make a quick apology just to correct things after some customers had taken advantage of the error and made purchases.

HPHP listed a device that previously sold for two thousand three hundred and seventy eight pounds(2,300) for only 1.58 pounds. However, realizing the mistake, the computer company took its UK website offline allegedly to correct the mistake. The company said the orders made during the confusion would not be honored.

HP is a large company selling products that are renowned all over the world. To make such an error is perplexing. Also it’s alarming that customers had a lot of time to make purchases before the company could realize the mistake. Some customers went on social media to gloat how they had taken advantage of a great flaw by the company.

HP apologizes

HP“We apologise sincerely to impacted customers for any inconvenience caused,” the firm said in a statement.

Customers would have had a field day if they were able to purchase an expensive PC for just 2 pounds. However, according to UK’s consumer rights group, Citizen Advice, retailers can often cancel online orders if they have made a “genuine mistake that you should have noticed.” In this case HP made an obvious error that consumers ought to have noticed and probably tried to inquire first before buying the products.

HP said users will be refunded after the orders are canceled.

“We can confirm that due to a processing error, select products were wrongly priced on our UK website over the weekend. This has now been corrected with related orders cancelled.”” The company said.

Companies make retailing errors that are sometimes corrected before it’s too late. Customers however, will always be ready to take advantage of any mishaps in advertising and pricing. For HP, it seemed like Christmas day was here and UK was the first place to experience it.

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