After some untimely delays and disappointed Wii U purchasers, tomorrow the Nintendo TVii service will be available to Wii U gamers. Nintendo TVii enables users to access their TV through the Gamepad controller.

Tomorrow December 20, 2012 Nintendo Wii U owners will be able to transform their game console into an entertainment and media console as the popular Nintendo TVii service is officially launched.

Finally after many delays and rumors, TVii will be available to Canadians and Americans. The essential that was marketed for the Wii U console will enable Wii U owners to get the full intended services of the entertainment console which includes providing users the convenience of utilizing the “Gamepad” as a universal control to access  cable networks, satellite networks, and adjust settings such as channel changing and volume for their televisions and cable boxes.

Nintendo wanted to bring consumers more than the traditional gaming console, and in order to keep up with the competitive market with PS 3 and Xbox they decided to provide consumers with the opportunity to have a gaming console that is much more than just a device to play games on. Instead they took it to the limit, making it  full of application options- and ultimately designing it to host TVii (the hardware which enables the Wii 2 to become a universal remote and entertainment host.

Through this unique process, Nintendo announced several times that this software would be available to users sometime in December, but after delays with Netflix and other entertainment apps that Nintendo boasted to have with the Wii 2- consumers and experts did not hold their breath.

The best feature of the Wii U TVii application, is that it can process an option that produces a dual screen. This means that why you watch TV, a user will also be able to access details about the media that they are watching including critic reviews, cast details, and information related to the program.

So far the Nintendo Wii U has gotten profound sales and reviews, as it sold quickly leaving retailers short on stock. Wii U users will have access to the TVii service immediately with an update that will be released  tomorrow.



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  • It’s called, “Wii U”. I mean, you even call it the Wii U for the last 2 paragraphs. Is it a lack of editing or is the correct stuff just copy and pasted off a press release?

    As for being competitive with the PS 2, that’s a system they don’t even make anymore. Is Nintendo really competing with a system that came out in 2000? You might mean PS 3 but I honestly believe you have no idea what you are talking about. Someone needs to stop payment on this work.

    Paragraph 1, “The essential marketed for the Wii 2 console will enable Wii 2 owners to get the fill intended services of the entertainment” Do they get the fill intended services or FULL intended services?

    Paragraph 3 is missing a closing bracket.

    4th paragraph, “This means that why you watch TV” You ment while. While you watch TV. We know the reason why.

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  • Jon

    He has “owned hundreds of credible websites throughout the Internet” as opposed to scam sites ON the internet. I’m happy he made that distinction.

    I also agree with you, whoever runs this site need to stop payment to this guy.