Dell along with other companies manufacturing Windows 8 tablets are having unexpected troubles with the drivers in running their new products, this leads to delaying the release for a month according to the companies.

So much for Dell’s hope in launching its Latitude 10 tablet before Christmas, now, the company posted at its website to have the tablet out on January 23, 2013. Clients, who lined up orders for this device, were already notified for the delay.


Dell Latitude 10 Tablet Windows 8
Windows 8 tablets encountered problems regarding its drivers, companies rescheduled release by next month


The PC makers seemed to be having problems in creating drivers for the dual-core processor, Clover Trial Atom Z2760, which will serve to aid the manufactures in challenging the top-quality Android gadgets when it comes to battery life and performance as well.

This delay also affects Lenovo’s ThinkPAd 2, which they look forward to launch before the year’s end, and now are left with no choice but to reschedule their release on January 8.

HP too, is hit by this driver problem. Envy x2, HP’s newsiest of the Windows 8 tablets has been moved to delay its release for more than a month. The device will be out by January 8 according to the company.

This ruckus on the Microsoft industry’s   Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) might damage its name and the image of their quality test procedures, or worst, the critics might point on Intel for its inability in getting its drivers approved for Clover Trail by Windows Hardware Quality Labs.

It is illegal for Windows to sell its PCs until all of its components are approved by Windows Hardware Quality Labs. This law is according to Microsoft’s Operating System licensing terms.

As of now, clients are eager in getting their orders delivered by next year, and as for the Windows 8 tablets companies, well, there is nothing left to do but wait and hope that things will be fixed on or before the release dates.