Apple iPad 5 Release Date Rumor Roundup

Heidi Smith January 9, 2013 5

As much as we want to talk about Apple’s latest iPad model – the iPad 4, rumors about the next one have already taken the spotlight. At this point, there are a couple of things about the iPad 5 that have been highly rumored, but the focus of this article will be its release date. So, here are the latest rumors on Apple’s new iPad 5.

Although the iPad 4 was released just two months ago, the fifth-generation iPad may come sooner than usual. There are many rumors circulating the web that say Apple will release its iPad 5 in early 2013. And by early 2013, I mean that the iPad 5 could come in March.

So, if this turns out to be true, it would mean Apple is ready to launch a new iPad model only five months after the release of its predecessor. Back in November, DigiTimes reported that the iPad 5 is coming somewhere in the middle of 2013, but now the Japanese site Macotacara revealed that the device will come earlier in 2013 and March was mentioned as the month of the release date. Apple is somewhat pressurized by the competition to start releasing products in shorter cycles, so rumors on the iPad 5’s release date are highly likely to turn out as true.


Japanese blog Macotacara is known to have inside sources that report rumors which eventually appear to be true. If the rumors are to be trusted, we’ll be seeing the iPad 5 as soon as March 2013.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as the Cupertino-based company tends to launch more products per year. Opposed to previous trends of one iPad per year, recent releases indicate we should expect more item releases in one year, so it’s highly likely for this to happen in 2013.


But what about its specs?

Rumor has it that the new iPad 5 will have a very similar design with the iPad Mini and will be much lighter and slimmer than other full-sized tablets. Other than that, it could feature Sharp’s IGZO display technology, which will also be used for the needs of the iPhone. The display of the new iPad 5 should be thinner, more responsive and even more pleasant to the eye.

A new A6X processor might be put in the new iPad 5, which is supposed to enable the device to be twice as fast as its predecessor. There are also some rumors that claim the new Lightning Connector will also be featured on the new iPad 5, as well as a 4G LTE feature. Its screen should have 9.7 inches and its bezel is expected to be smaller, as it might look a lot like the iPad Mini.

It’s too early to discuss other details on the iPad 5, as the iPad 4 still feels fresh. There will more rumoring on the next iPad from Apple and as we approach March, we’ll be more sure of which rumors are closer to the truth. Stay tuned for more.

  • Chris Priddy

    The iPad 4 already has the A6X chip, 4G LTE and the lightning connector…

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  • Dahamma

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. This mostly sounds like cut and paste from the iPad 4 rumors!

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