Apple recently launched the latest member of its iPhone family, the ‘iPhone 5’. The iPhone 5 was supposed to be the next big thing ‘from Apple’ and ‘for Apple’ as well. But things did not turn out to be that way. The iPhone 5 has had a poor response from customers and at the same time, other Android smart phones are growing in demand.

There are many reasons for this phenomena! And many of them are very clear and logical. The point is, ‘Why did or didn’t Apple think of this?’. Check out my list below and see if you agree with all the points.


iPhone 5S

1. There is not much difference between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5.

2. There is nothing ground breaking in the iPhone 5 to be really honest.

3. The iPhone 5 is priced very high if you plan to go for an unlocked device.

4. The iPhone 5 still has the iOS 6 which has been around since quite a long time.

5. Android smart phones that are as good as the iPhone 5 or even better than the iPhone 5 in each and every way are priced way better than the iPhone 5.


Now even though I had my list of 5 problems with the iPhone 5, that does not mean that the iPhone 5 was simply stopped from production lines for those reasons. To be really honest, ‘No one outside of Apple knows the real reason or this event’.

The iPhone 5 production line may be cut down or slowed down for a good reason or a bad reason. I know the possible bad reason but I still do not want to vote for that.


The poor response to the iPhone 5, the depleting Apple market share, the loss of power and customer base could all be an opportunity in disguise for Apple. This might just be the push or  the new start that Apple might need. Apple might very well have planned to release the iPhone 5S soon after the release of the iPhone 5. But recent rumors indicated that Apple might be planning to or might have already planned to ‘Skip the iPhone 5S and directly go for iPhone 6’! This could be  the ground shaking product that everyone is waiting for.

Considering the response to iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S might anyways not seem to be a good idea, because people would not love to have the iPhone 5 being pumped up and just powered up. They will definitely want something new and different. This could be the very reason why Apple has cut down production on the iPhone 5. But there are other reasons that state otherwise. These reasons are negative but true. Apple definitely is looking the market share in smart phones. And even though the stock prices of Apple are on a downhill trip, no one knows when they might find a new horizon.


Today the smart phone market has matured, and the new area for growth and business are the new and emerging markets around the world. Smart phones with a Larger screen are proving to be much more popular in these markets where consumers prefer not to invest in both a tablet and smartphone, but still be able to have  the power of both in a single device. The are interested in having a “tablet-like” experience from their smartphone. A reduction in iPhone 5 screen production may be an indication that the company plans to increase the screen size of the iPhone or reduce the screen size of the iPad and somehow create a phablet that serves as a smart phone and tablet.

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