When it comes to Apple, you will always find a lot of rumors about their latest gadgets and devices. And many a times, these rumors end up being true. But this time, there is something really weird and out of the ordinary that seems to be happening.

Ye of course, this time also it is yet another rumor regarding the new Apple iPhone that might be launched very soon. This new rumor targets Apple’s plans for the year 2013 and their attempt to get back the market share in the mobile sector where their latest release, the iPhone 5 seems to be doing ‘not so well’. At least this is what stats have been showing, but Apple has still remained strong about the point that the iPhone 5 is doing well in the market even today.

The new rumor says that Apple has lined up a number of iPhones for the year 2013! It seems that Apple is working on the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 or maybe even both. Apart from this, there seems to be a larger 4.8-inch iPhone which has been called as ‘iPhone Math’. The reason and logical conclusion for this name is still unclear but it is said that this iPhone will be much bigger than any of the previous models. There has also been rumors that Apple is planning for a cheaper and more economic version of the iPhone. This device will have some adjustments and modifications which will help reduce the cost of the device because of which it will be  able to target the wide range of customers who have a low budget. In spite of all these different possibilities, there could also be something else that Apple might be working on. An iPhone that was not thought of by anyone, an iPhone that could be totally different and out of the world if you compare it with any of the smartphones present in the market today and also the smartphones that are expected to be released in the market later this year. We would prefer to call this device as the ‘iPhone X’.

Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

The Apple iPhone 5S was said to be the most logical new comer in the iPhone family. Apple has been launching an updated version of every iPhone they have brought into the market. This updated or rather upgraded version has always has the letter ‘S’ at the end which indicated ‘Speed’. The improved version of iPhone 3G was the iPhone 3GS, the improved version of iPhone 4 was the iPhone 4S and now we have the iPhone 5. So if Apple plans to improve this device, it will do so and present to us the iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 6

iPhone 6

When the rumors for iPhone 5S started coming up, there was a clash of opinions. It was said that the iPhone 5 was not able to meet the expectations of the customers and the experts who thought that the iPhone 5 would be a game changing device. Hence it is said that instead of improving the iPhone 5, this time Apple might be planning to ‘not take any risk’ and go straight for the kill. This is where the Apple iPhone 6 might come into picture.

Apple iPhone Math

Even we know that the name iPhone Math seems weird and out of context. But this might just be a code name. The actual name of the device might be different. What we do know is that this device will have a 4.8-inch display which makes it the first possible iPhone with such big dimensions. Apple might be planning to take on the 5-inch smartphone market with this device that has been named the iPhone Math.

Apple iPhone X

As discussed above, the Apple iPhone X is the codename that we are giving to the next generation iPhone. We assume that this device will blow our minds and take the world by storm. It is not at all necessary that this device will make its appearance this year. It might also be possible that instead of a totally different and powerful iPhone that we are assuming, the iPhone X could actually be the low priced, budget iPhone that has been rumored about.

New Stuff

No matter which of the above iPhones really make it to the market, there are some new things that will surely be present inside these devices. This new stuff is what will makes these phones stand out of the crowd. This new stuff is what will attract the customers and the market share back to Apple.

 Here is a list of the new stuff that we think will be inside the new iPhone(s):

1. Sharp’s IGZO display technology for a better screen

2. Apple A7 chipset with a quad-core processor

3. Better and Improved Primary Camera

4. 2 GB RAM

5. iOS 7

Release Date

It has been said that Apple might be planning to launch their new iPhone(s) in the period between March and May this year. The company really cannot afford to lose time which will leads to loss of market share each day. But even if Apple plans not to launch their latest iPhone during summer, then it is very clear that their target will the WWDC or World Wide Developer Conference which will be held in June.

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