The Microsoft Office 2013 is here. Microsoft has finally come up with yet another version of their productivity desktop software.

The all new Microsoft Office 2013 has a lot of new features and a lot of improvements to the previous ones. But all this comes at a price! Even if you plan to go for the lowest version of this software which happens to be the Microsoft Office Student Edition, you will have to pay about $100 for it.

But if you really do not feel like or want to spend that amount on this new software, then let me tell you that there are many other alternatives available for you. These alternative software also work in almost the same way as the Microsoft Office does. The main difference is that they are available FREE of cost! One such software is the ‘LibreOffice’.


Libre Office
LibreOffice is an open-source office suite that was developed in the year 2010. It is based on the popular OpenOffice program. This software is completely FREE to download and use. There is no money required for licensing, no need of any kind of in-app purchase and the free version is NOT a trial version of any kind.

Hence it is a software that is available totally free of cost and can used to create Word Files, Presentations, Drawings, Databases, Spreadsheets and even Math formulas. LibreOffice provides you a with a lot of powerful and useful tools and is fast at the same time. Hence it qualifies to be one of the best free alternatives for the Microsoft Office 2013.

Another big advantage is that if you have used any of the versions of Microsoft Office before, then LibreOffice should not be difficult for you at all. The look and feel of LibreOffice is very much similar to that of the Microsoft Office. So you should feel at home right on day 1.

LibreOffice is also compatible with the file formats of the Microsoft Office and hence all your old files should open up on LibreOffice as well. Also this software is available for all the major platforms used on desktop and laptop computers today namely Windows, Mac and Linux.

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