The battle of the next generation smartphones have started. Almost every smartphone maker has announced its next generation device except Apple who yet has to reveal the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. According to the rumors, Apple will soon unveil its next iPhone later this year.
It seems that Apple will not only be unveiling its next generation smartphone but also some more iPhones that will target the other consumers in the mobile market. So Apple will no only unveil the iPhone 6 but also the iPhone 5S and a budget iPhone. It could also be possible that the budget iPhone itself is the iPhone 5S. The interesting part is that these new iPhones might have eye tracking technology which will allow users to use the device in a totally new way.

iPhone 5S
This eye tracking technology might be very similar to the one that is being used in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the new Galaxy S4. Apple already owns a lot of patents relating to eye tracking and motion control of an iPhone or iPad, and a new startup is offering eye tracking and head tracking control for iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone.
Apple already offers a software only solution for eye and head tracking that controls an iOS device. Reports say that Apple will now bring this technology to the iPhone and iPad in a much better and user friendly way. The company plans to actually use this concept to the max in order to allow normal users to take full advantage of this eye tracking technology. Apple iOS 7 might already have support for this technology therefore allowing current Apple devices to be able to use it as well. This is just a probability because we do not know whether the new eye tracking technology will require some special hardware design which might then not allow current devices to make use of it.

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  • kenn213

    I’m curious why you say “…a software only solution for eye and head tracking…” and later say “…we do not know whether the new eye tracking technology will require some special hardware design…”

    Are these two different technologies you’re talking about?

    • They don’t know what they’re talking about. The article is complete speculation.

  • hector mendoza


  • Who’s copying who now apple?

    • Apple holds a patent for eye tracking tech, and they have been working on this tech for a very long time, so Samsung is still the one copying.

      • 2cents

        Is Apple God? Apple made everything? Others just copy them? Apple is just one of companies implementing research ideas developed long time ago…

        • A lot of companies just send people to Washington to look over every patent being filed as an inspiration for product development.

          The patent still belongs to you even if you don’t commercialize it

        • yes

      • Miked

        Why announce now?? Why wait till GSIIII launch? I’m a windows phone user, and I don’t see apple going anywhere with their new phones… it’s the same rectangle..

  • SW

    “Frank Taylor is a prestigious Harvard graduate who is aspiring to write many best auto-biographies (including one on his mentor the late Steve Jobs.)”

    This doesn’t even make any sense. How can you write an autobiography about someone else? This article is written terribly.

  • TR

    This seems written by a second grader. Bio seems total nonsense. What’s going on here?

    • Emazing

      Says the guy leaving out words.

  • Way to copy Apple, just see what the other guy is doing.

  • ExEffectsGuy

    Newest rumor: Apple watchers have surmised a new iphone is coming out someday that may or may not have many new features you may or may not like, implemented in a way that may or may not be backwards compatible with your existing phone. The new phone may or may not be more expensive or it may be both!

  • epignosis567

    Did anyone else read this moron’s bio? The only thing funnier than the nonsensical bio he wrote is that he calls himself prestigious while missing using words and writing grammatically incorrect sentences. Not to mention that the article reads like is was written by a junior high reporter.

  • Hayden Manning

    If you are a Harvard grad and this is the best job you can get then you got jipped. Plus you are balding. Please punch yourself in the face.

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