Apple will soon be announcing the iPad Mini 2 tablet which has been in the talks from a long time. Consumers who have been waiting for the release of the Apple iPad Mini 2 will soon be able to get their hands on one.
Apple is a company that loves to do thing with style, and the same will be soon very soon when the company unveils its next generation of iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 2. As far as the mini version of iPad is concerned, right now there is only one tablet in that particular section – the iPad Mini. An interesting fact is that the iPad Mini has hardly been around for six months and we already have rumors about the iPad Mini 2.

iPad Mini 2
This is definitely good news for both, the company as well as the consumers. There are a lot of potential customers available for Apple since they are all waiting for an iPad Mini that will have the retina display. Personally speaking, the introduction of the iPad Mini 2 will not have any negative effect on the sales and popularity of the iPad Mini provided that Apple gets the pricing right on both these tablets.
So with all that being said, its time to tell you more about the iPad Mini 2. The Apple iPad Mini 2 will have the same 7.8-inch screen but this time it will also have the retina display. So it will have double the resolution and double the clarity compared to the original iPad Mini.
Recent reports also say that Apple has already started cutting down the orders for iPad Mini and have started focusing on the supply and production of the Apple iPad mini 2 which is set for release in the third quarter of this year. Even DigiTimes gave out a report which was made after compiling all the tips from industry sources in the Apple supply chain. This report indicates that Apple has slowly started to focus on the iPad Mini 2 and its production.
If things go according to plan, then we might have the iPad Mini 2 enter the consumer market before holiday season this year.

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  • Gussssss

    Is this supposed to be areal article? Or is it some kind of SEO nonsense? Either way, utterly pointless.

  • dug

    I don’t care about the retina display because the current mini looks fine to me. But the mini’s processor is two generations older than the one in the current iPhone. I’m still using my Fire until Apple gets it right.

    • I was happy with the display on my MacBook Pro and my iPad 2 until I started using the iPhone 5. Now the contrast in the display is so apparent that I’ll probably pick up the Mini 2 or the MacAir as soon as they have retina displays.

      • dug

        When compared to my Fire the mini is the same to me. I would use my mini2 for reading and occasional email, checking ideas on the Web. I already have a 2011 13″ MBP and a 15″ rMBA. Yes, there’s a difference just not enough to make it the deciding factor for me. What I hate about my Fire is the OS. It’s not smooth enough for me. I want iOS with a fast enough processor.

  • NuMoo

    I think I’ll just go with a phablet.

  • Ida

    I haven’t seen that many grammatical errors in a long time, even for an SEO junk article. I especially enjoyed all of the bold claims, with no evidence to back them up. Reminds me of religion. Lol.

  • hlk

    Ben Ben Ben… How long have you been reporting on Apple. Evidently not very long. Apple was working on the mini 2 long before you even thought about writing this article. And since you have no sources I’m assuming your really an analyst masquerading as a journalist. Don’t you guys get it. Apple doesn’t need rumors about products, they work on a schedule and they already know when the new product will hit the streets. Instead of writing about rumors that you create why not try writing about things you know.

    • YourMom

      Thats is the problem, he doesn’t know anything. Look at the grammar.

  • Wow. Total garbage. They pay youthis? Enjoy.

  • Gilbert Aispuro

    Apple goers fall for the same s**t EVERYTIME! They release a product with no “retina” display and a mediocre processor first, when they already have better technology! . Then a year later, Apple releases the same product with those updated. It’s a scam and that’s why I left.

  • YourMom

    “Apple will soon be announcing the iPad Mini 2 tablet which has been in the talks from a long time” – Shittiest sentence ever! Congrats!!

  • jamesvii

    “As far as the mini version of iPad is concerned, right now there is only one tablet in that particular section – the iPad Mini.”

    This is laughable and makes zero sense. That’s where I stopped reading.

  • hlk

    Did you not learn how to write when you worked a long side some of the best journalists in modern history. NOT.

  • YES! number 2 maybe in November!! my birthday is in november and i wanted the ipad mini for my bday this year but i finally found this article about the 2nd one in another 6-7 months, my mom might let me get the 2nd one for my bday and if possible maybe i could get the cellular for on the go which is a really good reason and price, and i hope its only 500 or 600 like this one, it might be 700 for cellular 🙁 but hopefully 600 again and drop the ipad mini 1’s price to 500 on cellular and drop another hundred for all the other prices for that thing, im getting the 16gb mini 2, well im gonna hope for the mini’s 2 16gb cellular and i hope to visit my niece and give her turns on my mini if my sis says she can paint or use letters or read or something to keep her happy while im there, maybe i could help teach her a few words or the abcs 🙂 and numbers too, this will be my first touchscreen, i only got 2 turns on my dads and only got to play a barbie puzzle game those 2 times, but his was nothing apple related, a few years ago my sis got the green ipod shuffle, icant wait to experience an actual big tablet, i wanted to know what the ipad 5 was like, ive been thinking they may release ipad 6 early next year or in december of this year…

  • but if its a lie maybe in a few months later after march, like april or august maybe may lol