The Samsung Galaxy S4 has finally been unveiled and it on its way to the consumer market. Samsung has already announced that the smartphone will enter the consumer market on the 26th of April. The Galaxy S4 was one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, and now that it is finally here, consumers have started pre-ordering the smartphone so that they can get their hands on it right on day one. But have you ever wondered how much must the smartphone actually cost to build?

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If you are one of those consumers who are planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 or have already pre-ordered one, then this post might be really interesting. Have you ever wondered how much would it cost Samsung to actually build the Galaxy S4? Well if not, then we have the answer for you.
According to the market intelligence firm IHS iSuppli, the total cost for the materials required to make the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy S4 costs about $236. Of course there might be some extra costs that might not have considered, but this is the approximate value that the firm has given. Let me tell you before hand that this is an estimate cost and should not be mistaken as the selling price for the device.
As you already know, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a really powerful smartphone. Even though many say that it is just an upgraded version of the Galaxy S3, there is more than meets the eye. Samsung has really put in a lot of efforts in the making of the Galaxy S4. Personally speaking, even I wanted Samsung to come up with a different body and design for the S4, rather something different from the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Grand.
Here is a breakdown of the main components of the Galaxy S4 and their approximate prices.
• $75 for the full HD AMOLED display
• $30 for the Exynos 5 octal core chipset
• $16 for all the sensors on the device
• $25 for the 4G LTE support