The Vine app for Android platform has been recently updated. This new Vine update brings a lot of new features and improvements to the app, making it almost as good as the iOS version of Vine. One of the most important features added in this new update is Facebook sharing.
Vine has been one of the most popular video sharing apps since the time it was launched by Twitter. Twitter first released the Vine app on the iOS platform after which the app was released for Android. But in spite of being available on both platforms, Vine on Android was missing out on a lot of features. But that isn’t the case anymore, as the team has updated the Vine app on Android making it almost as good as the iOS version.

Twitter Vine
And one of the most important features that come to Vine on Android is the ability to post to Facebook directly. Now consumers can also search for other users and hashtags, which makes the search functionality much more easier to use. And apart from these newly added features, there are a lot of other improvements and bug fixes that improve the overall performance and user experience.
So apart from Facebook sharing and the ability to search users and hashtags, the new update brings a number of performance updates as well. These include improvements to capture speed, quality, and audio/video synchronization. But there is one feature that is still not available in the Android version of Vine – consumers can’t capture videos using the front camera on their devices. This is a feature available on the iOS version but still has not made it to Android.
We are sure that the team behind Vine must already be working on bringing this feature to Android. But for now, Android consumers should go ahead and download the updated version of Vine and try out these new features. Here is a quick recap of the changes in the updated version:

  • Facebook sharing
  • Ability to search users and hashtags
  • Improved capture speed
  • Improved audio/video quality
  • Improved audio/video synchronization
  • Bug Fixes
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