Before the Sony SmartWatch 2 came, the original SmartWatch came with imperfections. Generally, SmartWatches have a rocky start. But, the good thing is that, they were able to survive despite the ever-changing fleeting market. For many years, they improved, and in the coming years, there is no difference. It seems like we are going to have another launching of  SmartWatches this year.

Sony SmartWatch 2: A Company That Has Label

When it comes to Brand, Sony is no doubt one among the famous reputable manufacturing company that plays a big role in SmartWatch market. In all fairness, its SmartWatch comes with imperfections because the unit needs applications to be installed even for the basic features. On top of that, its battery life does not last long and the unit isn’t waterproof. For the moment, Pebble Watch came and have gained footings on Kickstarter. Pebble Watch also brought improvements in all imperfections mentioned above. Of course, at this point in time there are newly formed standards for SmartWatch capabilities. So, if you are one of those people who love new generation trends, but have not bought the right one for you, then this is one to consider. The good news is that Sony SmartWatch 2 has been made available worldwide. It clearly states that the manufacturer has greatly improved every aspect. But, the question still remains, will it deliver?

Sony SmartWatch 2 – Hardware Characteristics

As mentioned above, the original SmartWatch had flaws, but it seems like Sony, they have learned from their past experiences. The SmartWatch 2 has ironed out the former SmartWatch criticisms. To begin with, Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC connectivity are the main characteristics of SmartWatch 2. This makes easier for the users to connect with their Smartphone device. Unlike the previous model, the SmartWatch 2 is equipped with a micro USB port which makes it less difficult to charge the battery.Speaking of which, the battery will last three to four days. Another notable improvement is the display. It displays a feature of 1.6 inch LCD screen along with a 220 x 176 resolution. Sony claims that the display is readable even in bright daylight.

The Sony SmartWatch2 Will It Deliver (2)

Sony SmartWatch 2 – Design and Functionality

Sony SmartWatch 2 features an aluminium frame and comes with a brushed power button where the regular watch’s winder is normally located. Generally, the watch seems to follow similar design language. It is also obvious that this SmartWatch is an Android-friendly unit, as it features 3 navigation capacitive buttons– “home”, “menu” and“back”.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 weighs around 23.5 grams. It is also very compatible with any 24mm standard strap. Sony’s official page shows an IP57 certification. Technically speaking, this means that the Sony SmartWatch 2 boasts high waterproof abilities, being able to survive if submerged under one meter of water for 30 minutes.

As for its functionality, the Sony SmartWatch 2 is going to deliver call, text and email notifications out of the box (without the need to install for additional apps). The SmartWatch also acts as a remote control for your music player. Finally, Sony claims that there are roughly two hundred applications available for download.

Sony SmartWatch 2 – Availability and Final Thoughts

Sony was not able to reveal the accurate release date and cost of their new SmartWatch2, but the company had not failed to announce that the device will be on sale sometime in September. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is a pretty powerful gadget. It is definitely smarter than the first model. It comes with a modern design, and it benefits from the improved connectivity. It has a longer battery life, a wider range of applications and better display. All things considered, if priced correctly, the Sony SmartWatch 2 will be considered and will definitely be a practical alternative to Pebble Watches and some other competitors.

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