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Alex Bezeau is an aspiring young college goer, ready to bring some excitement to Caps by utilizing his experience in the technology field while gaining better insight to the tech world beyond reporting. He is presently attending college at U of M and hopes to receive feedback from all of our viewers here to help him to serve you better with his articles and reviews. His specialty is games and programming, but as you will see Alex is opinionated and very insightful through his reporting skills and keen reviews on the latest tech gadgets and more.

Bitfinex Reports 10% Drop in Bitcoin Price

Bitfinex; a Hong Kong-based currency exchange has announced that the price of Bitcoin has dropped by over 10%. The fall comes after the firm...

HP Sorry for Laptop Error on UK Website

HP earlier decided to make it an early Christmas for its UK customers. The company made an error in pricing for some of its...

Twitter is Letting Everyone Have a Verified Account

Have you ever wanted a celebrity status on social media? Everyone craves the idea and once in a while we want to have a...
iTunes purchases

iTunes Purchases Help Nab KickassTorrents Piracy Mastermind

For Artem Vaulin; a 30-year-old Ukrainian who ran KickassTorrents, things might have just fallen apart. This is after the FBI nabbed him for multiple...

Microsoft Triumphs in Major Legal Battle on Email Privacy

Microsoft has just had a federal appeals court rule in their favor in a major privacy case. The U.S government had wanted to force...
Apple TV

Apple Makes Good on its Reality TV Show Promise

Remember when earlier this year Apple promised us a reality TV show? The company said it was working on bringing a reality show on...
United States

United States Winning Social Media War Against ISIS

The United States government has been hard at work trying to combat the Islamic State’s presence on social media. So far, so good. The...

Messenger Conversations about to be More Private

Facebook wants your Messenger conversations to be more private than ever. The company is testing out a new feature they call “secret conversations.” This...

Google Unveils Plans to Protect Users against Future Cyber Attacks

There is an experimental computing technology that is considered a looming threat. Experts say the technology in question could threaten the way people’s data...

OpenCellular Launched by Facebook to Spread Internet to the World

Facebook recently launched a device that is set to change how internet connectivity and cellular connectivity works. The company has launched OpenCellular; a device...

Hoverboards Recalled over Battery and Explosions

More than half a million hoverboards have been recalled by the U.S regulators. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced last week on Wednesday that the...

HummingBad Hacks Millions of Android Phones

Check Point has released a report in which Android system flaws have yet again been exposed. According to the report, a group of China-based cybercriminals...